Envy. A word we all know too well, even if most of us won’t admit it.

I catch myself doing it more than i would want to. Feeling envious. Envy has been around as long as mankind, but never before has it been as exposed to us like it is today. Reason? Social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter .etc.

The success of these pages cooks down to one simple fact: People are more interested in other peoples lives than their own. Sad, but true. We look at other peoples lives and start comparing ourselves with them, and then we try to compete. I can’t talk for everyone, but i’ll be the first to admit that i’ve been guilty of doing it.  Feeling envious of other peoples perfect vacations, perfect relationships, perfect food, perfect houses, perfect bodies , PERFECT LIVES. At least it appears so from the outside. We all just show the best sides of us. Not the struggles, not the heartaches, not the bad days. We are all so busy comparing ourselves to others that we stop thinking about how good our OWN LIFE actually is.

I’ve caught myself thinking » why can’t i have that job» , or «live there» or «have that body». But you know what. Today i had the best day with my family. We ate great food, we went on a beautiful hike, we played games, we laughed and we had so much fun. I stopped and thought for a second….Im so lucky. Im surrounded by people who love me and care for me. I started thinking about all the amazing friends i have. Friends who no matter what, is there for me. Whenever i need it. Friends who i have shared so many amazing memories with, and so many more to come. I have two great jobs, i have my own apartment that i love, i have my health. Why am i envious of others when instead i should just be thrilled for all that i do have? The worries i have are materialistic and stupid compared to the struggles of others. Even the people you think are perfect, have their own struggles.

I should be grateful. For all that i do have, instead of all the things i dont. We should all be more grateful, and stop comparing ourselves to others. If you want something, then go get it. Turn envy into motivation. If someone is doing something you want to do, then fucking get to it then, right?

I have it pretty darn good ya’ll. No matter how much «better» someone else has it.



you’re married to David Beckham, Channing Tatum, Ashton Kutcher or you’re Leonardos girl. Then i am definitely very envious. Also if you snapchat me delicious food on a sunday when im still in bed dying from a hangover. I will envy your delicious food. Also if you own a koala. Ive only held one. Surely that will make some of you jealous?

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xoxo Falcon