Looking through old photos, i realize. DAMN GIRL, you waaaaas ugly! It’s not really my fault tho. Like now, the kids looks like supermodels. I look at my nieces and think,  » wow, there you are looking like 1 million bucks, while i should have had a paperbag over my face». Being a teenager in the early 2000s was not easy. No one had straighteners worth $200 , we had like shitty plastic thingy’s that just made things worse. There were no youtube tutorials on how to do your makeup, or contour and highlights. So you did the best you could. Which meant a REALLY THICK line of eyeliner and you’re done.  Oh well, things improved over the year. Luckily for me. Still single tho…..

Skjermbilde 2015-05-05 kl. 13.16.33 Skjermbilde 2015-05-05 kl. 13.16.53

Haha ok, so there is about nine or ten years between these photos. There is so much to say. But, yes, i had a piercing in my chin. IT WAS REALLY POPULAR OK!? Only had it for about 6 months. It was too long as well. Looked horrible. I also made a mistake by shaving my baby hairs, so for about i year i wore a headband while it was growing back out.

Skjermbilde 2015-05-05 kl. 13.26.18Skjermbilde 2015-05-05 kl. 13.28.21

Still with the headband. Awesome scarf. I remember this day. I got my braces off and i hated it. Took me like four more year before i started smiling with my teeth. I was in a really punk/rock fase aswell, so black all the way baby. Looks like i used a paintbrush under my eyes . Ps. 3 buns for 10 kr. That is really cheap.


Skjermbilde 2015-05-05 kl. 13.45.42 Skjermbilde 2015-05-05 kl. 13.44.31

Loving life on the left. I think a limmo suits me more. 

Saving the best for last. Got this from my friend Stian the other day. HAHAHA, i could not stop laughing. If there ever was a worse car/girl photo, id like you to show me. I think this was from 2006. The golden days. Its summer but i look like a vampire, and no, the whole vampire trend wasn’t around then.

There you go. Have to say i am glad things improved a little bit. Would hate to be a crazy cat lady at the age of 24.

Thats all folks,

xoxo Falcon