Ok guys. So a friend of mine told me about 9chat. Im sure a lot of you have heard about 9gag, which is like a nerdy online site where people post mainly memes and funny pictures etc. Most of you who know me , are well aware that i was once one of the hottest things on that sight. Just in case you forgot , and for all of you who don’t know, let me show you.

Me and my fabulous bff Line posted this picture.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 21.31.44

And overnight it became a huge hit. Like – 35 000 likes, over 1 million views. Crazy shit. Obviously, we felt pretty fucking famous. Like i mean, thats us. On that picture. Over the course of the years its been shared and reappeared soon many times. So i guess it was not just 15 minutes of fame. People in Australia had seen this, before i moved there!! Awesome.

But that was not the point. So, my friend told be that i should try out 9chat. It’s sort of the same thing. You post pictures into different groups, and people can like,comment and they can even write to you in a chat. As most of us know 90% of the people on 9gag are probably virgins. So she said, if you ever need an egoboost, just post a picture in there.

I was like » well, I’m pretty confident already but…who doesn’t like when people say nice things». So on the group «Girls selfie», i posted this photo:


And omg, i did not expect what was coming. I did think i would maybe get some likes and maybe a few people would write. BUT, not this!


So this photo is from a few days ago, but in ONE day, i got over 300 likes, BUT over 130 comment to date, and over 140 people wrote to me in the chat. And boy oh boy were there some funny shit. This is the most entertaining thing i have ever done, not to mention – it totally gave me a fucking egoboost. Probably think to well of myself now. Anyways – i present to you :

The people of 9chat 

Lets kick it off with some of the comments

IMG_4936 IMG_4937 IMG_4938 IMG_4935 IMG_4932 IMG_4933


« I know its rude, but when i first saw your pic, that chair looked like a big dildo»

«You look stoned, but you’re still pretty»

«Lol Your smile reminds me of that guy from scrubs»

Which one????

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 22.22.12


Then the proposals

IMG_4924 IMG_4911

The WTF´s

IMG_4910 IMG_4947IMG_4939

The really polite guys

IMG_4921 IMG_4923 IMG_4927

These guys and their pickup lines

IMG_4919  IMG_4954 IMG_5083

This jokester and this really insecure guy


This guy who tried to give a compliment, but failed. Massively.





This guy  who just came to say hello and this other guy who has a crush


This guy who will be a dentist. And considering how expensive dentists are, i should go for this. Right?


Ok. So to wrap it up, this was like the best thing to happen, EVER. Hilarious. The messages are still coming btw. This is like the the recipe to become a narcissist i think? Oh, well. It has put a smile on my face for many days, and hopefully all of yours too.

xoxo Falcon