This will sometimes be a bilingual blog, like now. Because, english is fucking awesome, YEAH. 


We’ve all been there. Your bank account is shrinking and your down to your last few bucks. But…its 10 days til payday? How does this always happen. Well, it always happens to me at least.

I think i just enjoy myself way to much the first week, and then kind of forget that there is three more.

So anyways, im basically broke now, and its 7 days til i get paid. Girls gotta eat tho , right? With no money to shop for, it turns into a daily surprise what im having for dinner. I’ll just have to use whatever i got at home (hopefully there is always something). Get creative. Thing is, i actually think this is awesome . People tend to shop when they are hungry and therefor buy way more food than they need. You kinda go to the store and buy whatever you feel like. This contributes to massive amounts of food wastage, thousands of tons every year. Just because people buy it and then so much of it goes into cupboards and fridges never to see the light of day again.

Well, not in my kitchen. For me, this is a challenge. What can i do, with not very much food, or food you wouldn’t think could be good together. And a lot of the times this turns into new delicious recipes. Not all the time tho. Like, there is not much you can do to a pack of noodles and a potato.

So anyways, i got home today, cleaned out my fridge and this is what i got to work with:



Like, im no vegetarian. But, you gotta work with what you have, and after about 20 mins of prepping this turns into:


IT WAS ACTUALLY FUCKING DELICIOUS. The only thing that would make it better is meat. It needs some meat. Im a falcon, a born predator. I need my meats. Or fish. Salmon would have been delicious in it. Or chicken. Or spareribs.

So anyways people, im telling you. Go home, broke or not, and see what food you have. Experiment. Make something from scratch.  It might seem like a little thing, but if more people actually used the food we have, there would be one less problem in the world. And if you dont wanna do it. Then fucking bring your food to me then.

xoxo Falcon.

Ps. If you want the recipe for this, look below.

What you need: 

Pasta: – Squash, wholewheat spaghetti, red peppers, sweet potato, corn on the cob (optional) , broccoli. 

Sauce: – Creme fraiche, canned tomatoes, pesto, jalapeno cheese. 


Cook up the spaghetti. Stir fry the squash, sweet potato and red peppers on the pan. Quickly put the broccoli in cooking water, but not for long because you dont want it overcooked. 

Mix creme fraiche, 1 tbs pesto, half a can of canned tomatoes, little bit of jalapeno cheese and mix it all together. Mix in spices like pepper, salt and herbs. 

Mix spaghetti and vegetables together. Then mix in the sauce. Toss around and bam. There you go. 

Add salmon or chicken for a rockin feast.